Here are some of the items I have made for
myself and others.
Shotgun Belts, Slides
& Rifle Boot
Bullet Pouch's
I designed this bullet pouch so I could carry 20 rounds to the loading table,
load out of it, slip it back on my belt, shoot, and then dump my empties back
into it to carry back to my cart. It will even hold 6 of my empty shotgun round
plus the 20 empty pistol/rifle cases.

I can make them in any caliber you need and even mix the calibers.

I can make them in any color and add your SASS alias and/or number; or
combined  Border Stamped, Basketweaved, Carved, and/or with a Concho of
your choice.

The basic pouch with Border Stamping and a Concho is $35.00

Basketweaved is $45.00

Hand Carved is $50.00
Snaps or button studs are standard, Magnetic closer with lining is an added

Shipping is included